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Ideal Photography consists of Paul and Pamela Bussi. Paul has been taking photos since he received his first camera, a Kodak X-15, as a gift at 12 years old.  His first public work was for the Houghton Star, his college newspaper, in 1985. He spent his childhood and young adult years in New York, studying philosophy at rural Houghton College, in Houghton, New York, and studying social work at Hunter College School of Social Work on the upper east side of Manhattan. Since 1993 he has resided in the Big Sky and Bozeman, Montana area photographing the beauty of nature and friends. Pamela Bussi was born and raised in Montana, along the highline, and has lived in Three Forks and Bozeman since 1978 when she came to study marketing at MSU. She specializes in personal and business branding helping people and businesses look their best!


You can contact us at or
(406) 570-7100

We can travel to wherever you need us, but we live in
Big Sky, Montana
Home of the Biggest Skiing in America!


Working with people excites Pamela as she energizes her clients and sets them at ease to express themselves. 

You can find Pamela's blog at:


Paul enjoys listening to people and helping them understand themselves and their surroundings.  Through photography he expresses his caring and thoughtful perspective by pursuing the best and the unique characteristics of his subjects, whether they be pets, flowers, landscapes, wildlife, or, especially, people. 

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